Hytek Track & Field Meet Manager


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Automate any track meet in the world with user friendly features. Drag and drop athletes into lanes, move from heat to heat on screen with ease, and produce results in many formats.

Great reports already designed and can be exported into numerous formats.

Add the Photo Finish Interface to share start lists and results automatically with Gill FinishLynx.

Bronze Package includes

  • Set up
  • Seeding/Scoring

Silver Package includes

  • Set up
  • Seeding/Scoring
  • Cross Country/Road Race
  • Multi-Age Group

Gold Package includes

  • Set up
  • Seeding/Scoring
  • Cross Country/Road Race
  • Multi-Age Group
  • Combined Event
  • Ribbon/Award Labels
  • Admin Labels
  • Age Grading

Only Available License: Club, Team, or School
Allows a Club, Team, or School to run any meet that is HOSTED BY (at their home facility) and COMPETED IN by the club, school, or team. For example, if Meet Manager is licensed to Central High School, the software may be used to run all of the home dual meets at Central High School as well as any invitational meets that are sponsored by and participated in by the Central High School Track & Field Team. Please note that a club and school team must have their own license even if they run at the same site and have the same head coach. Additionally, and as an example, if the software is licensed to an AAU or USATF club, that software cannot be used to run a College or High School meet even if some members of the club are competing in the College or High School meet.

School or organization information is required to license Hytek Software.

Licensed products cannot be returned.

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Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, Photo Finish

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