Raceclock LM Series Display


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LM Series Raceclocks by Electro-Numerics feature reflective, yellow electromagnetic “flip” digits for viewing in bright sunlight. These models feature a rugged aluminum frame that includes a carrying handle, and built-in keypad to select timing modes, time-of-day, and preset times. Internal, sealed batteries provide up to 24 hours of continuous operation on a single battery charge. An internal battery charger is included with a plug-in power cord and charge indicator.

Display: High-visibility red or yellow, 4″, 6″ or 9″ (102, 152 or 229 mm) reflective, 7-segment electromagnetic flip digits. Five-digit (9:59.59) or six digit (99:59.59) models. Single or double-sided models.

Display Modes: 5-digit clocks: Timing to 9 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec (9:59.59) or 9 min, 59 sec, 99/100 sec (9:59.99), selectable at keypad. 6-digit clocks: Timing to 99 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec (99:59.59) or 99 min, 59 sec, 99/100 sec (99:59.99), selectable at keypad.

Timing Modes: Time up or time down Time-of-day mode Place count Pace per mile Projected time to finish Taylor, frame & lap split modes. 18-month warranty

Separate carrying case, tripod, and remote control available at additional cost.