PACER Javelins


All javelins comply with NCAA and IAAF rules; except rubber tip models

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Pacer javelins have all of the design characteristics of the worlds top javelins. Unquestionably the best javelin value available anywhere.

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Litania 800 165'/50m, Litania 800RT 165'/50m, Astro 50 165'/50m, Astro 50RT 165'50m, Astro 60 195'/60m, Astro 60RT 195'/60m, Astro 60 195'/70m, Astro 60RT 195'/70m, Litania 600 130'/40m, Litania 600RT 130'/40m, Comet 55 180'/50m, Comet 55RT 180'/50m, Comet 45 145'/45m, Comet 45RT 145'/45m, Masters Plus 145'/45m, Masters Plus 140'/40m