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OTE offers a wide variety of javelins of different materials, intended for everybody from the novice to elite athletes. They have been used in numerous world championships and the Olympic Games. Four varieties are available: Xtra, Comp, Tailwind and Intermediate. All three are made of an Aluminum alloy and Composite FX, which combines a metallic alloy with carbon fiber.

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800 g Xtra Headwind 80m (IAAF), 800 g Comp Tailwind 95m (IAAF), 800 g Special Headwind 70 m, 800 g Intermediate 60m, 800 g Composite FX 90-95m (IAAF), 800 g Comp FX Headwind 90-95m (IAAF), 600 g Xtra Tailwind 70m (IAAF), 600 g Xtra Headwind 60m (IAAF), 600 g Special 50m, 600 g Intermediate 35m, 600 g Composite FX 80m (IAAF), 600 g Comp FX Headwind 80m (IAAF)