NORDIC Javelins


All Nordic Javelins meet 2009 NFHSS and IAAF specs

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Nordic javelins, formerly Sandvik, are a hallmark among competitive sportsmen and women all over the world. A wide range of top achievements have been made with Nordic javelins; Olympic medals, World Championships medals and world records. The results achieved by a javelin thrower depend of course on their competence. The materials and the construction of their javelin, however, are of the utmost importance.

Medal-winning performance

  • Olympic record throw of 90.57m at the 2008 Summer Olympics with Nordic Airglider Carbon javelin
  • World’s longest throw in 2007 of 91.29m at the World Championships with Nordic Airglider Carbon javelin


Additional information


Nordic Orbit Carbon 800g 5.0 flex (IAAF), Nordic Champion Carbon 800g 4.8 flex (IAAF), Nordic Airglider Carbon 800g 4.5 flex (IAAF), Nordic Comet Alu 800g 11.4 flex (IAAF), Nordic Viking 800g 10.4 flex (IAAF), Nordic Master Classic 800 g 7.8 flex (IAAF), Nordic Mater 800 g 7.5 flex (IAAF), Nordic Super Elite Classic 800 g 7.0 flex (IAAF), Nordic Champion Steel 800 g 6.4 flex (IAAF), Nordic Airglider Steel 800 g 6.1 flex (IAAF), Nordic Olympia Carbon 600 g 5.9 flex (IAAF), Nordic Diana Carbon 600 g 5.3 flex (IAAF), Nordic Comet Alu 600 g 12.1 flex (IAAF), Nordic Viking 600 g 11.1 flex (IAAF), Nordic Classic 600 g 8.5 flex (IAAF), Nordic Master Alu 600g 7.9 flex (IAAF), Nordic Diana Classic 600 g 7.7 flex (IAAF), Nordic Diana Classic 600 g 7.2 flex (IAAF)