JSA Indoor Softshell Shots


Filled to exact weight

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  • This original plastic vinyl shot with firm feel is permanently sealed with a polyethylene plug
  • Available in various weights
  • Made of tough pure polyvinyl plastic in highly visible orange color
  • The safety factor is tremendous
  • Will not mark the gym floor

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2 kg Softshell, 3 kg Softshell, 4 kg Softshell, 5 kg Softshell, 6 kg Softshell, 6 lb Softshell, 8 lb Softshell, 10 lb Softshell, 12 lb Softshell, 14 lb Softshell, 15 lb Softshell, 16 lb Softshell, 17 lb Softshell, 18 lb Softshell