JSA In-Ground NCAA Double Circle Cage


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The JSA Double Hammer/Discus cage offers features that no other North American manufactured cage has. The net is designed to hang freely from all of the posts including the doors. This prevents the hammer from coming in contact with any of the hard fixtures of the cage. Many of the cages built today have the net stretched over the frame of the door, this makes it easy to damage the net stretched over the frame of the door and this makes it easy to damage the implement and also damage the permanent structure of the cage. With the JSA cage this is never an issue, also a frequent problem with other cages is that the hammer will get caught in the net and a ladder has to be used to climb up to free the implement. This is usually a very dangerous operation. With the JSA cage the net can be dropped quickly during training or competition and the hammer can be untangled at ground height. This can be done because the net is held in place with 8 winches that are attached to 2″ steel tubing that goes the length of the door to which the net is directly attached. The net at the rear of the cage, unlike most cages, is attached to a horseshoe and not directly to the post so this prevents sagging of the net and gives a smooth and consistent line around the top of the cage which ultimately makes it safer because the whole height of the cage gives protection rather than where the net would traditionally just attach to the post.

The JSA Double Hammer/Discus cage overall length is longer than a traditional cage. Also, the doors on the NCAA cage are 26’8″ high (8 meters) this is a standard feature where many other manufacturers have this height as an option. One of the other features of the JSA double discus/hammer cage is that it only has 6 in-ground posts; this gives the best unobstructed views of the athlete competing or training. This gives the coaches and spectators an advantage in viewing the athlete. Another feature that we offer is that we powder coat the doors of the cage and the support beams of the cage in bright red, this is to draw attention to the cage and to act as a safety feature. There are many cages on the market that blend into the background.

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JSA 7597, JSA 7596