JSA Cage IAAF Version




The Jumpstart Athletics IAAF cage exceeds the IAAF specifications. The doors stand 35 feet high and the construction of the cage is made out of 4.5”, sched. 40 aluminum pipe. This is a much stronger material than the other manufacturers in North America are using to build their cages. The JSA IAAF cage has the same free hanging net system that attaches to a horse shoe that is winched to the top of the posts. This gives them an even consistency to the net unlike other cages.  Also, because JSA cages incorporate the winch and pulley arm system this allows the net to be dropped quickly and to be put back in place in an equally quick manner. When building an IAAF cage, because of its height, there has to be considerations to wind shears so the IAAF cage incorporates four support beams made out of 3” square tubing that are linked to cross bracing on the higher portions of the cage. This allows the cage to withstand much higher winds than its other competitors. Even though the height of the cage exceeds 10 meters you can be confident in leaving the net up all year round if need be. Also, as in the other JSA cages, the net does not come in contact with the door posts which prevents damage to the cage structure if hit by a hammer or discus. If you need an IAAF cage in North America, this is the strongest and the best designed to meet your needs.