Finn Flier Javelin


Designed by Finnish Olympic Javelin Champion Tapio Korjus, this safe javelin is light (470 g), flexible and easy on the elbow and shoulder.

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Throwers who need to train for good javelin flights love the Finn Flier’s revealing flight characteristics. The differences between good and bad flights is obvious, and the thrill of “catching” a nice flight encouraging and fun.  Durable, and with just the right dimensions and balance, the Finn Flier has a “feel” that transfers to the men’s and women’s javelins seamlessly.

Getting enough throws in training to really master the javelin flight can be a problem with regular weight javelins. By throwing the Finn Flier to find the best flight line without straining the arm, them switching to the regulation weight javelin, the thrower can get a sense that good flights are within reach.

By using the Finn Flier to warm up and establish a throwing action that produces clean flights, the thrower is ready to use the regulation weight javelins a little fresher and more accurately.

The Finn Flier Javelin is new product  and is the most sophisticated flight-training javelin around. It allows you to learn how to throw the javelin in a safe and controlled fashion whilst gaining flight feedback. It is 177cm long and weighs 470g: very similar to a standard javelin.

The Finn Flier Javelin has a shaft long enough to allow the safe plastic point to sit by the head in the same way of a standard javelin. It also has a soft flex rating and a safe plastic tapered tail. Thanks to the quality of the build and materials, the FinnFlier flies like a normal javelin.

The Finn Flier is more responsive to inefficient throws. This therefore exaggerates the fault of the thrower to allow for a quicker technique improvement.

This product can also be used for rehabilitation purposes.

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470 g Training Javelin