Element Fitness Mini Bands


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Effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body. Mini bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation and shoulder stabilization.

All bands are 9″ x 2″, that stretch up to 3x it’s length.

  • Can be used anywhere on the field, at home, in the clinic, gym, or even when traveling
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training
  • By using bands for dynamic warm up, you can target the hip and shoulder complexes
  • When using in conjunction with other exercises, these bands sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists, and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area

Additional information

Colour / Tension Level

Level 1- Yellow, Level 2- Red, Level 3- Blue, Level 4- Green, Level 5- Black