Sprint 8 Lane Timer – The Ultimate Racing Timer


Time up to eight individual lanes simultaneously with times, places, lanes and bib numbers for each racer.

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Synchronized start guarantees accurate finish times by eliminating separate start times. The Sprint 8 provides accurate timing by using one running clock. All eight separate finish buttons can be connected to the Sprint 8. Eight separate finish buttons record finishes and the timer’s large memory stores it all. The eight finish buttons can be assigned to a lane or an individual as needed. The Sprint 8 has a built in printer that automatically prints time, place, bib numbers, lane, select times, and select bibs. Printed results make it easier to keep and track athletes’ performances in meets and in training. The Sprint 8 can automatically send finish times to a personal computer during the race or after. There is a wide range of software that supports the Sprint 8, for both the IBM compatibles and Macintosh PC’s. To make a bigger impression at a meet try out one of the large display clocks, this helps to gain audience participation.

Timing accuracy has been increased, the lane inputs are now sampled every .004 seconds. This sampling rate increases the accuracy of the timer nearly 100 times of the previous Sprint 8. Version 9.X brings you internal NVRAM that can hold up to 6000-7000 times. Enough for your larger races. A total of 64K. Race results could never be easier than with the help of TimeTech.

New Sprint 8 design improves several features on the timer. With version 8.X there is a great improvement on keypad sensitivity, no more missed numbers. The menus are much easier to move around in. Simply press the `/` key to re-answer a question, or to stop a printout. Also, in version 8.X select timing has become faster. No longer do you have to enter a bib number, press ENTER, and record the time with a finish button. Simply enter the bib number and press the ENTER key as the person crosses the finish line, that`s it! Now a Road Race can be stopped by pressing the STOP CLOCK button rather than turning off the unit. If you have previously run a Road Race and you wish to run the same type of race with the same lane type, timer type, etc. all of this information is saved in RAM so you don`t have to re-enter the same information over and over again.

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Cross Country, Track 6 Lane, Track 8 Lane

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