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Inflatable Pits

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Inflatable Pits

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Delivers a world-class high jump landing system without the storage issues or headaches of using a traditional foam pit! It’s a safe and affordable high jump landing system that provides athletes and athletic departments alike a flexible and usable system to maximize their high jumping results!


Standard Features include: • Stores a small 33.5”W x 64.5”L x 25”D weather resistant case, in 1/5th of the space needed to store a traditional foam pit • One piece landing unit eliminates the risk of injury due to falling between gaps • Simple assembly and disassembly can be completed easily by one person • Quickly deflated and stored with the onset of inclement weather • Can order with or without the storage case or even as a complete kit! The complete kit includes: • 1 – Selected Pit • 1 – Blower • 1 – Deluxe crossbar (#1511) • 1 – Deluxe aluminum high jump standard (#1211) • 1 – Storage Case Additional Product Specifications:• 10 Year Guarantee on Workmanship and Materials on pits • Adjustible landing density for athletes comfort • Lifetime guarantee on All Aluminum Storage Case • 21 oz. Coating Vinyl with double and triple stitched seams and hems • 1.5” foam top cover with spike resistant mesh and heat sealed seams • Blower separate from inflatable bladder for safety and durability • Storage case is lockable to eliminate unauthorized or unsupervised use of equipment. Available colors: Red, Ligh Gold, Orange, Royal, Kelly, Maroon, Purple, and Black Meets NCAA, NFHS and IAAF specifications. 1220 – International Size Inflatable Pit – Overall Size when inflated – 20’ x 9’ x 28” 1221 – Collegiate Size Inflatable Pit – Overall Size when inflated – 18’ x 9’ x 28” 1221 – Scholastic Size Inflatable Pit – Overall Size when inflated – 16.6’ x 9’ x 28” 1223 – Elementary Size Inflatable Pit – Overall Size when inflated – 12’ x 8’ x 26”