Eagle Eye RFID Timing


RFID Ground Mat Timing System

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Now coaches, race directors and professional timers can run their own events with easy to use RFID technology at an affordable price. Compare feature to feature and SAVE THOUSANDS!

Eagle Eye’s RFID system now includes Motorola’s rugged 9500 RFID four-port reader and NEW boosted (10 dpi) antennas!

  • Advanced RFID Timing Software
  • Lenovo Laptop Computer
  • Four-Port Motorola RFID Reader
  • 500 Reusable RFID Tags!
  • 3 x 10 dbi RFID Antennas
  • 3 x 30 foot Coax Cables with (creates a 12 foot wide finish line)
  • 4 x Protective Antenna Cover
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